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However you listen to music there are Snugs for you

Snugs stay in place so the music won't stop

Snugs custom moulded earphones won’t fall out

Perfectly modelled on the exact shape of your ear canal and constructed from soft, lightweight silicone, they’re the best wireless earphones for an active lifestyle.

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Made to last

Weather and sweat resistant, durable Snugs in-ear wireless headphones are designed to stay in one place so you don’t have to.

Unparalleled sound quality without the hassle of wires

Whether travelling, commuting or pushing your body to its limits, you’ve got unparalleled sound quality. And because the ear is sealed perfectly, micro speakers can perform at optimum levels by providing passive noise isolation, making Snugs the best wireless earbuds when you don’t want to compromise on sound.

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You won’t find a better fitting pair of in-ear headphones

Rick Sharma, Sports and Fitness Journalist

Our recommended Snugs for enjoying music

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