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However you listen to music there are Snugs for you

Great music under your helmet

Music whilst you motorcycle, quad, ski or mountain bike

Snugs Moto are extremely compact in ear monitors with a low profile construction sitting flat in the ear.

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Near flush fitting and great sounding

Using single driver IEM technology, we have created earphones that provide the best sound whilst fitting neatly under motorcycle helmets and safety wear. This robust design in soft medical grade silicone is easy to clean and maintain.

Keep the music in and the wind out

Due to our perfect custom fit Snugs Moto are comfortable under crash helmets and wind noise is reduced to safe levels.

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Whenever you use a helmet, bring your music with you

Extreme and mountain sports only get better with your own soundtrack. Skiing, snowboarding, climbing and hiking require headgear which can mean earphones get in the way. Flush fit IEMs are the perfect partner on-piste.

The perfect balance between fit and comfort.

Lucy Hedges, Instant Expert, The Metro

Our recommended snugs for under helmets

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