Music Snugs

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  • Perfect fit– Snugs will never fall out on stage
  • Maximum Protection– Reduced exposure to damaging noise levels
  • Comfortable Fit – Ultimate comfort, minimum distraction
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Give your best performance with the Snugs’ range of custom in-ear hearing protection for musicians

Molded to fit you perfectly, each earpiece attenuates external sound for Drummers, Singers or Guitarists and are an essential way to protect hearing whilst performing in noisy environments. With a lightweight yet robust soft silicone construction Snugs ear plugs are modelled exactly on the shape of your ear canal. Use our choice of colours to quickly separate left from right when on stage.

Snugs professional earplugs are the ultimate in comfortable fit for a perfect gig, so when it’s time to rock out, they’ll never fall out.

It’s not easy to design natural sounding earplugs, when blocked the ear canal creates a booming tone to the performers own voice. Only ensuring a deep custom fit with precise sound filtering relieves this unwanted effect. A choice of filters for different situations gives you what feels like an almost flat noise reduction so that you maintain awareness and your ability to communicate with fellow musicians.

If you already have IEMs you can add Snugs custom ear tips by choosing Snugs Only.


We endeavour to deliver your Snugs within 8-10 days of fitting. However, as every pair of Snugs is uniquely crafted to the shape of your ears, it can sometimes take a little longer to perfect your pair.