Snugs Swim ‘n’ Surf Hearing Protection

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  • Comfortable custom perfect fit
  • Prevents surfers ear
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Snugs Swim ‘n’ Surf Hearing Protection earplugs give excellent comfort and fit, are easy to insert and remove and create a perfect seal in your ear

A great swimmers and surfers accessory for active people who suffer from discomfort when water gets into their ears. Constructed from medical grade silicone and designed for super soft waterproof protection. Our lacquered silicone ear plugs will not deteriorate like those made of plastic or foam, Snugs are washable and reusable giving years of protection. Helps prevent swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear, a painful condition which can only be reversed with surgery, by limiting the ear canals exposure to cold water.

Full Shell construction for a better watertight fit in Red Fluorescent and Blue Lavender Fluorescent. Tips are constructed in a Special Floating Material, a must for cold water sports enthusiasts and a great gift idea for the surfer or swimmer in your life.

If you would like to listen to music whilst out on the water see Snugs Aqua for our custom fit waterproof MP3 player.


We endeavour to deliver your Snugs within 8-10 days of fitting. However, as every pair of Snugs is uniquely crafted to the shape of your ears, it can sometimes take a little longer to perfect your pair.