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Professional in-ear monitors

Give your best performance with Snugs pro for musicians

The Snugs’ range of custom in-ear monitors for musicians is molded to fit you perfectly. Each earpiece also acts as hearing protection from loud external sound, offering high levels of passive noise isolation.

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Keep great sound with accurate onstage monitoring

Accurate onstage monitoring is one of the most important elements of playing modern live music. In ear monitoring for Drummers is an essential way to protect hearing whilst delivering that perfect mix. Singers and Guitarists find new freedom to take their personal wireless monitoring mix anywhere across the venue.

Perfect for the most demanding users

High quality in ear headphones like these are perfect for listening to high-fidelity music. Audiophiles and musicians have similar requirements from their earphones for the best isolation and perfect fit with no loss of bass frequencies or detail and clarity. If you already have IEMs you can add Snugs custom ear tips by choosing Snugs Only.

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Measuring the unique curves of your ear canals to tailor bespoke buds that promise the best in noise isolation and comfort.


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