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However you listen to music there are Snugs for you

Slow jog or fast run, your Snugs stay in and keep up with you

Superior comfort running and jogging headphones

Snugs custom fit running headphones give you the freedom to enjoy your favourite music on the go without losing an earphone…or your pace.

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Keep running whatever the weather brings

Snugs keep the music in and the weather out. Because we’re committed to producing the best headphones for running, Snugs are not only comfortable and durable, but sweat and weather resistant too. Perfectly moulded to fit in your ears, they won’t fall out no matter how fast you move.

Run without the cord for the ultimate in freedom

Wireless headphones for running offer a brilliant cable free option so that nothing holds you back. And with efficient hearing protection and passive noise cancellation, our custom earphones ensure that noise stays out while your music stays in.

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Get ‘fitted’, choose a colour and voila – they will never fall out again


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