You wouldn’t wear clothes that don’t fit,
why settle for earphones that don’t fit?

Ultimate sound quality

Snugs offer the best sound quality giving in-ear headphones powerful bass response, crystal clear vocals and sparkling trebles. Enjoy music with Snugs as it was intended to be heard.

For your ears only

Everyone’s ears are different in size and shape. Snugs use state of the art 3D scanning and manufacturing based on your exact ear. This ensures a snug and comfortable fit – hence our name.

No matter how active you get
your Snugs stay, well, snug

Snugs fit like a glove and so never fall out even when exercising. Their perfect profile means even after long periods of wear they are still comfortable. This great fit ensures external sound is kept out even in noisy places and also your music doesn’t disturb others.

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State of the art scanning technology
creates a perfect 3D model of your ears

We use state of the art 3D ear scanners to quickly and painlessly scan your ears. We then manufacture your Snugs from medical grade silicone for the perfect fit.

Affordable custom earphones whatever your needs

Wth our 3D scanning technology Snugs are bringing earphones previously only available to rockstars and racing drivers to everyone. The personalisation doesn’t stop at the fit – we offer a range of colours and both half and full shells options. We also offer Snugs in wireless, pro and aqua versions to meet every listening need.

Why not give us a try – we promise you wont regret it. We’re so confident we offer a 100% complete peace of mind no quibble guarantee.

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